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Grilled Vegetables
Parmesan Cheese

Our menu offers simple Italian classics balanced with a touch of contemporary flair, including an excellent range of antipasti and modern main courses from the diverse regions of Italy. Larger dishes include an array of fresh fish and seafood, catch of the day, and meats cooked over an open fire adding a beautiful flavour. Perfect pizzas are made on site daily by our team of pizzaiolos and cooked traditionally with signatures including Pizza Cocorico - our speciality with chicken fresh peppers mozzarella, fresh tomatoes. Ingredients are key to recreating the authentic flavours of Italy, and all our produce is directly imported and locally sourced to bring you only the best 

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“For us the sign of welcome is to feed people. At the heart of all cooking, whether you are rich or poor, is the spirit of conviviality, the pleasure that comes from sharing a meal with others. And there is no enjoyment of food without quality.”

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